Here is just a little snapshot of some of the wonderful smiley messages I receive. This is what makes it all worthwhile. Thank you, for it just wouldn't be the same without you!

"Your website is great and is very heart-warming I find. The day I looked at it was recently, when I was feeling a little flat, and I felt as though I had just received a hug!"

"The world is a better place because of Sammy Nuttall and the sunshine she spreads! Keep it up Sammy! I'm a Big Fan."

"How much does it cost each of us to be able to appear on ur web site???
Such a privilege ;-))"

"Hi Sammy! Just letting you know that i think your site is great. It's about time i saw something colourful and happy on the net. All the best."

"love your web it made me smile :)"

"re your website, the work is amazing have you had any exhibitions? Very inspiring."

"This is great!!!! It is so nice, so colorful, so full of joy and happiness. Will send link to a lot of friends!"

"Your website it amazing, it brings back memories of your little doodles from years ago. Your art work has just progressed so much, you must be very proud. I always knew you had it in you, you really have made a dream come true."

"What can I say!!!!???? Bloody brilliant and totally well done!!!! I love your website but more so I love all that you have created. All your artwork is just fantastic. My daughter LOVED the art work and all the fishy friends and garden ones too. Kids favourite and mine is Dwagon, and yes, all dreams can come true. I am very proud of all that you have done and thank you for making our evening smiley before they go to bed!! Again, all the best and hope we do get to do some work together to bring smiles and your artwork to the wider community."

"Well done and congratulations Sammy!!! I know how much hard work over many years has gone into getting to this point and you should be very proud of yourself. I'll pass it on to friends and family so they can have a squizz and perhaps purchase a Sammy original."

"Absolutely positively love and adore the new cards"

"Yeah! well done sammy we loved your art!!!!! you are an amazing talented person"

"What a wonderful gift you have been blessed with. Your website has brought a big smile to my face, along with a few chuckles. I love your attitude to life. You are so right in saying that “What Goes Around, Comes Around”. That is the philosophy I try and live my life by too. I love your quotes and affirmations page, and am very intrigued by the wonderful Nutters, and Duck Palace. Something that stood out to me as I enjoyed your website tonight is that if you are not feeling inspired, you just “look try to look at life a little differently”. That is a very inspiring statement for me to read at the moment. Thank you for the chat at Office Works the other day (I was admiring your happy and very artistic looking bag while waiting at the checkout). And thank you for sharing and inspiring through your website and creative arts."

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