I can't draw!

How many times have you heard this? I believe that EVERYONE is creative, although not everyone has been able to find their best creative outlet. Apart from the more obvious methods of creative expression such as art, craft, music or dance, I know many people that are really creative in areas such as sport, healing (e.g. massage), gardening, sewing, cooking, information technology, problem solving, teaching...even the way some people wear their clothes or hair is creative.

Resolving creative blocks...

Feeling really blocked? Finger painting, toe painting, scribble patterns, using your non preferred hand/foot or just making a huge mess on paper helps to release blocks and allow creativity to flow. Put on some fun music and sing loudly or dance and shake away those frustrating blocks. Don't try so hard! There's not really any right or wrong when it comes to being creative... suspend judgement and enjoy yourself.

Music as inspiration...

I usually listen to music when I create. Although I listen to a wide variety of music, I find that either classical or soundtracks work best for me. As a soundtrack usually tells a story, the music takes my concentration to another place and creativity flows. Mostly I try to create from a place of feeling, rather than thinking. Some soundtracks that work well for me at the moment are Love Never Dies, Les Miserables, Starlight Express, Chess, The Secret Garden, Wicked, Doctor Zhivago, Cats, Aida, Miss Saigon & The Lion King.

Have Fun!!!

For me, creativity is usually fun. Occasionally when a deadline is approaching or a task seems overwhelming, it might not be as enjoyable, but in general if you're not enjoying doing something then perhaps it's not where you should be spending most of your time. When I'm not enjoying my creativity, I find it's a great opportunity to check where I'm heading...


I am passionate about leading a happy, healthy, fulfilling life, surrounded by people, places and things that bring me joy, peace and happiness. I am passionate about creating art that brings smiles to faces of all ages. What are you passionate about?

Value Yourself...

For if you don't value yourself, why should others? Each of us have special, unique gifts and talents that enable us to show something about ourselves to the world. What's your gift? What's your message?

Self Portraits?

Yes, I can think of three that I've done.

One in the late 80's was created as a t-shirt and invitation design, the "Inner Child" pastel was somewhere around the mid '90's and the last was around the late 90's at the time of the "Treasure" exhibition.


Was there ever a 'real' Karma?

Yes! In the late 90's after I had been drawing and painting Karma for years I felt an urgent need to go to the local aquarium, find Karma and bring him home. I remember looking at every fish in the shop and as soon as I saw Karma I knew it was him. He swam up to the side of the tank, wiggled his tail and that was it! Karma moved to a few different homes with me and eventually went to live in the big fish tank in the sky a few years ago, although his spirit is still very strong and never far away.

What inspires you?

Life! Colour! Music! People! Places! Things! Happy! Everything... I find inspiration in all sorts of things things every single day. If I'm not feeling inspired I just try to look at life a little differently.

How long does each creation take?

Anywhere from a quick sketch that may take a few minutes to some paintings that I may work on for months / years until they feel finished. At the moment I have a couple of paintings in my studio that I began around the turn of the century and I'm not quite sure where they're going. So they hang on the wall and I add bits here and there as the inspiration takes me...then they hang a bit more.


Yes, I do commissions and more often than not if there's no new art for sale here, it's because that's what I'm up to. At present I tend to focus on creations that I can manage in my studio, rather than on site. Upon request, a rough outline of the project someone is interested in (including topic, size, cost etc) is formulated and a 50% non-refundable deposit is required prior to commencement of any project.

Where do the ideas come from?

I usually get a sense of a character or design or feel its energy before I "see" it in my mind and then eventually manage to reflect the feeling on paper. It's like each character "speaks" to me and "asks" to be drawn. Seems crazy? Probably, but that's the best way I can describe my usual creative process.

Sometimes I'll see a shape or shadow and it looks like a character to me. I remember living in a flat in Elsternwick many years ago and seeing an unusual shadow from a light shade on my ceiling. It was like this little fish was asking to be drawn, and that was the day Ethel came to our world.

Where can I purchase your art other than via your site?

Once upon a time you could have found my creations in stock at a few happy little places in Melbourne, but at the moment my website is the main place for originals, and prints and cards are available at my redbubble page.

This enables me to keep prices reasonable and spend my time painting and drawing...yippee! From time to time I can be found at community type events. Details are usually updated via facebook and sometimes I share ramblings via my blog. If you are a retailer interested in stocking my creations, I'd love to hear from you!

When did you start drawing and painting?

Some of my first recollections of drawing are standing on a bathroom bench drawing on the mirror with my Dad, and sitting at the kitchen table drawing with Mum. Spent lots of time drawing in the sand at West Rosebud beach too.

I began painting more out of necessity than anything else. Whilst I had painted a little on furniture and ceramics in particular, being asked to create backdrops (8 panels about 8ft x 4ft each) for a dance school meant I had to use something other than textas and pens! I painted quite a few big murals after that, then after painting massive walls, smaller canvasses and paper became much easier and loads more fun!

Do you paint with anything other than acrylics?

Yes. I find that artist acrylics seem to suit my painting best but have recently discovered watercolours again and am having fun with those at the moment. Pop over to my shop to see what's available.

I might have some unfinished oil paintings hiding in my Studio that could do with some (a lot of) attention...they're the ones that tend to hang around my studio the longest. When drawing I have particular pens I love to use, although I do experiment a bit. I REALLY love Faber-Castell Connector Pens, some of the Uni-ball and Sharpie ranges.

Do you ever sell your photographs?

Yes! Just pop over to my redbubble page and have a look at what is currently available.

You order & pay for whatever you like via redbubble, they handle the payment, printing, packing and posting, you get your goodies and they send me my share of the sale. It means I get to spend more time painting!

If you have seen on of my photographs / paintings but can't find it on redbubble, please just let me know and we'll see what we can work out.

What do you think of people that copy (steal) your designs without permission?

Sigh.  I'm not entirely comfortable writing about this, but unfortunately this does happen. Often kind people contact me to let me know that they've seen Karma or other of my designs copied (stolen) somewhere and usually I'm informed that the imitations seem to be of very poor quality, but are obviously a copy of my creations.

Each of my creations is made from my heart and from spirit with love, care and passion. I guess anyone copying my art would have very different emotions attached to their imitations and probably more than a little guilt? Legally, these individuals are in breach of Australian Copyright Laws. Furthermore, I am a big believer in "What Goes Around, Comes Around" and that we each need to live with the consequences of our own actions. Fortunately there are plenty of people that do honour, appreciate and support the creativity of others.


Love feedback! General comments, broken link reports, ideas for this site, ideas for paintings, questions etc etc. Whatever you've got, I'd love to hear it! Via my facebook page is probably best as I've finally learnt that it's not fun trying to clean paint or varnish off my telephone.

Who is Felix and where is he?

Dear Felix is a Happy Little Yellow Rubber Duck who enjoys Wandering & Adventuring. When Felix is at home, he lives in Duck Palace with his friends. Cards, prints, posters and a calendar featuring Felix are available for purchase via redbubble. You can follow the adventures of Felix on the Sammy Nuttall Art Facebook page.

The Bubble Factor...

I think if we all spent more time blowing bubbles the world would be a better place. Such a great pastime to reduce stress (and probably blood pressure), find some balance and increase perspective of the world around. If I'm having a crappy day I try to remember to "wag" or "drop out", even if only for five minutes and to go and blow bubbles. It's not that easy to stay grizzly whilst creating magical spheres of rainbow light...

I'm sure I had some bubble photos to put here, but can't find them. Oh well, must go and create some more :)

There's so much here, what if I've missed something?

First, don't worry about it! Life is too short to worry! It seems that lots of visitors just have fun wandering around the site. Most updates are posted via my facebook page. For years I updated monthly on a "What's New's" page, but I seem to prefer the immediacy, flexibility and interactions via social media.

Have You Ever Wondered?

Why is creating art usually called ARTWORK? I like to think of it as ARTFUN!

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