HappyMe Colouring Book Intentions

When I thought about ideas for my #HappyMe Colouring Book, one was for it to be fun, I guess that's what it looks like. Another was to create intentions that people could work with whilst colouring in and doodling. Life is full of lessons, and often they seem to be thrown at us and we react unconsciously. But how about being on the front foot? My concept was (is) that if we trust, open a page, and work through that 'lesson', in a fun way, we will bring light and awareness to areas of our life that perhaps have felt unbalanced, or been in shadow. This has certainly been the case for me, and I am grateful.

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p.s. I'll soon be having a little break and will be away from my studio for a bit, so if you'd like to order anything from my shop and would like to receive goodies soon, please do so over the next couple of days otherwise I'll post goodies when I'm back. With thanks www.sammynuttall.com.au

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