I Live In My Own Little World...

Some of you know that most often when I wake in the mornings, I tune into a theme or message for my day, then select some of my art with a quote or saying that feels right to share with you. I always trust my instincts, and if my message isn’t clear, I don’t share a quote at that time.

This morning? No message, but as I was heading off to a session of body/mind/spirit nurturing (thanks Restore UR Soul), I knew it would come in time.

The importance of being true to ourselves is never lost on me. The value of being authentic. The lessons and gifts of vulnerability. The truth that not every one will like me or what I do, and that is OK. Knowing, really knowing, that I am enough, just the way I am right now.

#smileyart #happyart #restoreursoul #iamenough #trust #vulnerability #authenticity #knowing #woowoo

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