What is it to be human?

Is it our bodies that function?
Is it our minds that think?
Is it our spirit or our soul?
Is it a combination of all of these?
Or perhaps something else?

Last night I attended a Suburban Sandcastles screening of ‘Supersapiens: The Rise Of The Mind’. I found this movie, which discussed themes of artificial intelligence and robotics, quite confronting. Whilst I really enjoy the benefits technology brings, and can understand the potential of technologies to assist with artificial limbs, spinal injuries or enhancing vision or hearing etc in those without it, the concepts of replicating humans and building robots to ‘make us better because we are poorly designed’ and ‘why not do it’ felt so empty.

I spent time patting our dog when I got home. I hugged my family. I enjoyed the fragrance of fresh flowers. I thought of the many things I have to be thankful for.

And so I ask you, what is it to be human?

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