Last night I saw Imagine Dragons at Margaret Court Arena in Melbourne.  I knew some of their songs beforehand, but not that many.  Usually when I go to a concert, I know the band / artist, the songs, the story.  But last night I attended this concert with family, and although others were most passionate, for me, I just knew some of their songs.

Amongst the fantastic performance, music, showmanship, they spoke of safety, of equality, of diversity.   They spoke about mental health, and how we need to talk, and how important that it is that issues such as these are acknowledged and understood.  Their music was uplifting and passionate.  The talent was obvious.  The care and concern for all there was clear.

In the words of Dan Reynolds (lead singer) himself:

imagine dragons is meant to be a place of refuge. A place of safety. For all people. A place you can be you unabashedly. It’s meant to be a culture. A state of ambivalence to the world and its judging eyes. May it be a place of shelter. That’s all I want.

So now, not only do I know a few songs, I realised that I knew more I didn't know they sang.  I know there is a compassion and connectedness along side their music and performance.  I'm so glad I went.  For now, I'm a believer.

p.s. the magic of confetti and giant balloons added so much magic to my night, and I am grateful.
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