Adventures of Thomas Rock :: #gippsrocks

Whilst visiting Arbory Bar in Melbourne, a waiter Sunny, came over and explained that he had found a rock and could we please hide it somewhere? The rock had a drawing of Thomas The Tank Engine on one side, and "#gippsrocks and "rehide and post a pic" on the other side.

So what to do? Well in the spirit of The Nutters and Felix, it seemed only appropriate to take Thomas on the train rather than just hiding him near where he was found. Thomas journeyed from Flinders Street Station to Parkdale Station and was left in a garden bed.


A few days later some friends were heading to Parkdale Station and kindly checked on the status of Thomas Rock for me. He was still there, perhaps hidden too well, or perhaps no one was sure what to do with him, so back on the train he went, to see the Harlem Globetrotters at Margaret Court Arena, then back to Parkdale, but this time to the beach.


Recently a friend checked on Thomas Rock for me and he was still at Parkdale Beach!  Perhaps he's enjoying the Parkdale lifestyle too much to move?  Thomas Rock then visited a familiar looking Art Studio, as well as Duck Palace, before heading off with another friend on new adventures.


Such a fun activity, especially for school holidays.  Do you have a #rock group near you?  Have you painted rocks or perhaps found them?

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