When interviewed by Good Morning America (March 2018) about "A Wrinkle In Time", and asked about advice for young girls, Oprah Winfrey described being true to yourself as the “highest honor on Earth” 

“The highest honor on Earth that you will ever have is the honor of being yourself,” she said. "Your only job in the world, people think your job is to get up and go and raise money and take care of your families and stuff, that’s an obligation that you have but your only true job as a human being is to discover why you came, why you are here.”

I listened to her wise words and found myself nodding in wholehearted agreement, although I humbly suggest these words apply not only to young girls, but to each of us on this planet.

Another of Oprah's pearls of wisdom also resonated strongly with me, for two reasons in particular. The last few months I've been called to go within, to find that calm place inside, and to be. I have honoured my inner voice to the best of my abilities, and have trusted that I am right where I am meant to be, but it's been challenging as I'm still part of this world and have duties and obligations.  Don't we all?  I don't have the luxury right now of hibernating in a cave, or journeying on a spiritual pilgrimage, so I've made the best of it, going within as often as I am able.

Then, in the middle of my "quiet time", I ventured out to see a screening of the movie PGS - Personal Guidance System, a documentary by Bill Bennett.  Early one morning Bill listened to "a voice" and acted, which saved his life, although the voice made no sense to him at all.  He says "Making this movie changed my life.  Watching it could change yours."  For me, this movie came at the perfect time, as it reinforced that I was exactly where I was meant to be, no matter how uncomfortable it has been of late.

“Every one of us has an internal guidance, a GPS, an intuition, a heart print, a heart song that peaks to us,” she said. “Your only job is to be able to listen and discern when it’s speaking versus your head and your personality speaking, and if you follow that you will be led to the highest good for you, always.” Oprah Winfrey. 

May you follow your intuition, no matter how inconvenient, how uncomfortable, how weird. Honour that little voice inside. Honour your truth by following your truth.  And if you're not sure, be still.  Sit quietly. And wait. One day you'll see the light at the end of your tunnel, and you'll know that everything is as it is meant to be.

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