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I've been wondering, as I do, what to do with old, outdated or damaged cameras?
We have a small pocket camera that was covered in the red dust of Central Australia, damaging the lens mechanism.  After a chat with someone at our local camera store, it seems that it's going to be rather costly to repair this camera.  Even if we had it cleaned and the lens drive replaced, there was a possibility of moisture in the camera and future problems.  In other words, not worth fixing.

I'm not comfortable with just throwing things in the bin and ending up in landfill.  In our home, before anything goes into the bin we ask ourselves a few quick questions.  Can it be re homed? Can it be re purposed?  Can it be recycled? Can it be composted? If no to all of the above, then unfortunately the bin it is. Before I tossed this broken camera in the bin, I took a few moments to see if perhaps it could be recycled, and viola! I found a few options, Camera Recycle ProjectCamera Recycle Program, or the ever informative, Recycling Near You.  Each is slightly different, your choice will probably be dependent upon whether your camera is old, or damaged.  Happily, our old camera will soon be sent for recycling, rather than contributing more to landfill. 

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