My Colouring Book Journey

As some of you know when I was a little girl I dreamt of creating my own colouring book. I started one seriously about 3 years ago but couldn't seem to finish it. Somehow it kept going down and further down my list of priorities. With all the colouring books around over the last year I nearly gave up, but after seeing Bruce Lipton speak earlier this year, I decided to finish it, just for me. Just so I'd done it. It's important to follow our dreams, and I encourage others to, yet I wasn't following one of my own.

A little while ago I produced and printed two drafts, then sent some to others for review and feedback. I'll admit, it was a big, big step for me. Based upon feedback and gut instinct I changed some bits and pieces, and soon a limited quantity of my finished book will be available for sale.
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Thanks to everyone who has supported my creativity over my lifetime, you are appreciated. Thanks to my group of Colouring Angels who have been providing me with honest feedback. Thanks to Cassandra for sending me this art today. Mostly, I encourage you all to follow your dreams and to believe in yourselves as much as I believe in you.

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