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Many of you will have seen my facebook post about "My Colouring Book Journey". If not, you can read a copy of it here.

As well as extra drawings, the finished product is a little different to my test versions, the final book has white space around each drawing.  This allows for a bit more creativity, as prior to colouring in, you can choose to draw in a plain thin line border, a decorative border, continue the drawings and doodles to the edge of the page, or perhaps a combination of both.  It's up to you!  Everyone is different and I encourage each of you to explore you're own creative path.  Some of the 'Colouring Angels' that assisted me with feedback mentioned that they found this amount of freedom a little challenging, but remember, there are no rules, other than to enjoy yourself.  This is your journey.

For the outlines, borders, doodles and additional words etc, I've been using fine line pens and pencils, but again, it's up to you.  The drawings in my test book have been coloured using Faber-Castell Connector Pens (my personal favourite), and different types of textas, gel pens and pencils.  The only reason I've avoided pastels and crayons so far is that most of the images are quite detailed, though I may try a combination piece.  I'll be posting some images of finished art for you later...

p.s. as always, I love your feedback.  You're welcome to comment here or pop over to my facebook page for more.

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