Perhaps You'll Never Know...

Perhaps you'll never know
...the impact you've made
...the smile your kindness generated
...the gratitude your gesture brought
...the relief that another felt
all because of that little moment, where you chose to make a bit of an effort.

But perhaps, you may know. You may find out. A while a go I needed to forward mail to someone I have never met. As the envelope that arrived at our home was damaged, I addressed a new envelope, popped the mail inside and also enclosed a little note with it. On the front of the note was one of my little drawings, a smiley sun. That was quite some months ago, and to be honest, I'd forgotten all about it, until today, when this lady had reason to call me. We chatted a little, then she mentioned that the little drawing had meant a lot to her. It had arrived on at day when she was full of doubt. Questioning. Wondering if she'd been making the right decisions. My sunny yellow note arrived in her mail box and perhaps was a sign that all would be OK.

As I've said before, and will again, often the little things are the big things.

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