My Mini Herb Garden

Moving home has kept me rather busy of late. Things I have possibly taken for granted I now see with fresh eyes. Some things I miss, some things I happily have moved on from to allow room for the new.

One thing I've really missed is fresh bits and pieces from the garden. I had a large rosemary bush right near my front door as well as plenty of mint and citrus trees. In time I will have a little orchard and vegie patch and move all my citrus (happily in pots), but for now I've created a little pot herb garden to get my by.

My basil, parsley and chillies have been growing nicely for the past few weeks so last week I added coriander and mint to my mini herb garden. Yay!

Yesterday I made a "Quick and Easy Green Chicken Curry". Didn't use much chilli this time as last time it was a bit too hot for some in our family and it can always be added upon serving to suit individual tastes. I used jar green curry paste this time as I've not yet had time to make my own... (has anyone got a good recipe)? This curry recipe has quite a lot of liquid, so if you'd prefer a thicker sauce rather than using rice to soak up the sauce, just use less coconut cream / milk.

Best of all for me is the fresh coriander, though I know there are two types of people, the "Love Coriander" camp or the "Can't Stand It" camp. Which are you? Anyway, now I just need to plant some spinach!

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