Banana Bread :: Wholefood Simply

My friend Kirsty and I have been exchanging recipes lately, in particular those without grains. Kirsty told me that she'd found some great recipes at Wholefood Simply and I'm wondering why I'd not heard of this site before?

So I tried the Wholefood Simply Banana Bread using five eggs and tahini and it was a success, though next time I'll try using cashew or macadamia nut butter as I found the tahini to be a little strong. 

This recipe is definitely more "bread" than "cake", I've been eating it with butter for breakfast. If you use a nut butter (e,g, macadamia) it's probably not suitable for our school lunches because of the nuts, but if you use seed butter (eg tahini), it should be fine.

I've just made this recipe again using macadamia nut butter and it's a success! It's a lighter flavour than when I used tahini, and is most delicious.

Still making this recipe, still loving it. Have tried making a couple at once and popping one in the freezer for later, it works well!


John said...

Looks like you need some more macadamia butter... It will be winging it's way to you soon... ;-)

Sammy Nuttall said...

Oh YUMMO, John! I really should make my own, but yours is the best... THANKS! :D