History Of "The Nutters"

Once Upon A Time it was possible for my friends (whether an individual, couple or family) to apply to adopt a Nutter for the period of one week (or so). Others were welcome to register interest in The Nutters. During that time, it was the responsibility of the caretaker(s) to treat their Nutter as they would a family member and record the adventure by taking some photos of the Nutter in their new environment.

At the end of the home stay, the Nutter and photos (CD or printed, please) were to be returned home (to me), together with any details the caretaker was happy to provide, (eg names of caretakers, locations, general info, reactions of onlookers) so the adventures could be added to this site. As these pics and info were to be available for public viewing, it was agreed that the caretaker would have all necessary permissions to take/use photos where applicable and that by sending them home with the Nutter, they were able to be used on this site, and to promote The Nutters.
If anyone asked what the caretaker was doing or what the Nutter is for, they were to let the person know that the Nutters were created to generate more smiles in the world and that the adventures will be recorded on this site and updates posted the on What's News area of this site. Once the Nutter has had a little rest with his family, they were eligible to go off into the world again!

Current status?

Due to some of the Nutters not returning home on schedule and the workload involved in keeping tracking of 24 Happy Little Nutters, the journeys of the Nutters have been suspended indefinitely and they are now on an extended break. Don't worry though, some still sneak out on adventures and the updates still posted in What's News or on Sammy Nuttall Art on facebook. Fortunately for everyone, Samuel A Nutter (Wonder Dog) is still travelling the globe raising awareness of AuCaDo... Visit Sammy's Facebook Fan Page to see what he's been up to.

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