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I've been asked many times about how I got to this point in my health / well-being journey so I've decided to share just a little. This information is a brief summary of my health / well-being history and why I'm passionate about a mind/body/spirit approach. I encourage you to do your own research, find your own support people and trust your instincts. Most importantly, do not give up.

Once Upon A Time ago my health wasn't too good. Beginning in my teens and continuing off and on for decades, I struggled with an immune system that didn't seem to function property. Things seemed to oscillate between coping OK, catching every bug going around to months of being bedridden and everything in between. I don't recall much time feeling "well". Medical professions would repeat, "it's a virus" or "it's an infection" and prescribe various combinations of antibiotics and aspirin (to keep my fevers under control). The words "go to bed and rest" etched in my mind. Most of the time I felt like my battery was running out of energy and wasn't recharging, then I'd crash again.
The third major time I crashed (about 5 years after this all started), I was diagnosed with Glandular Fever. I recall extreme light sensitivity, muscle aches, months in bed and craving bowls of white pasta with butter and salt. There was some talk Chronic Fatigue Syndrome but this was the 80's and "yuppie flu" was seen more as laziness than an illness. More antibiotics. More aspirin. "Go to bed and rest". No solutions. After months and a certain degree of recovery, my immune system still felt the same as it had for years, and time after time my "battery" would run out of energy. I just seemed to struggle through this aspect of my life with no answers.

Many years later I journeyed to Borneo and fell ill upon my return home. This time after some tests I did have an answer for this episode, Dengue Fever. Doctors explained there was no cure other than to "go to bed and rest". Something snapped inside that day, I had heard "go to bed and rest" once too often. This began my journey though TCM (Traditonal Chinese Medicine), Kinesiology, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Osteopathy and learning about mind / body medicine and holistic approaches to healing. This is when I began to accept responsibility for my health and well-being.

Today I am happy and healthy. I still go to a doctor if necessary, they are terrific at mending broken bones etc, but I consider keeping my mind/body/spirit in balance important, a bit like servicing your car. If your system is running well, you're less likely to have issues. I see illness as an imbalance in our "mind/body/spirit" system and it really doesn't matter what the name of the imbalance is. I embrace modalities that help my system find it's natural balance so it can help itself as necessary. I am ever so very grateful for all the people I've learnt from, in person, through books and workshops. Below is a summary of things I now avoid and things I embrace. I encourage you to find and follow your own path. May you be Blessed on your journey.

A Few Things I Avoid:

chemicals and toxins (including cleaning products, make up, skin care), preservatives, artificial flavours, colourings etc, pesticides, processed foods, peppermints, anti-caking agents, antibiotics, aspirin, wheat, fragrant oils, fragrant candles, perfumes, soap, car exhaust, newsprint, cigarette smoke, stress, news, violence, negative emotions, blame, resentment etc, grumpy people

What has helped me:

Diet: increased salt (Himalayan Salt or Celtic Sea Salt) / increased hydration / increased fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds / eliminating wheat / decreasing grains / spirulina / chlorella / olive leaf extract / manuka honey / apple cider vinegar

A holistic approach to health and wellbeing, including: traditional chinese medicine (herbs and acupuncture) / kinesiology / homeopathy / naturopathy / aromatherapy / osteopathy / ZPointForPeace - Grant Connolly / massage / yoga / meditation / music / creativity / gentle exercise / rest / responsibility / positive energy, positive emotions / happy, positive people 

Some of my favourite Authors - Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, Joe Dispenza, Mike Dooley, Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Colin Tipping, Julie Davey

p.s. as things come to mind I update the above lists...

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