Flowering Jade!

Jade plants are known as symbols of good luck, prosperity and friendship. Not usually grown for their blooms, I think most would be more familiar with the abundance of small green shiny leaves. I like to think of each little leave as a coin of abundance.

You may recall my post about Random Acts of Kindness and Macca's Jade? Well recently my jade began to flower, the first time any of mine ever have. After a little research it appears that a flowering jade is sign of great care give to the plant, and it reflects positively on the owner, his/her friends and family symbolizing great friendship, luck or prosperity. Cool, huh? 

If you live in Melbourne and would like a cutting from Macca's Jade, please just let me know and I'll see what we can work out. I enjoying sharing good luck, prosperity and friendship and maybe your jade will flower too.

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