Thank You and Time To Say Goodbye


You may be wondering what these three images have to do with each other? Well three things have happened this morning and I am feeling particularly grateful for each of them.

Our large and well established lemon tree that was carefully and lovingly moved last year is now providing our family with the most lovely fruit, and I am so appreciative! I don't pick the lemons, I just wait for them to fall onto the ground, so I know they're just right. Interestingly, I'm never short of supply. I've spent years chatting to this tree and Blessing it with positive energy and in turn I'm Blessed with its fruit. We have a pretty good relationship.

An unexpected gift arrived at my door today with a little note that brought tears with it. A few simple words, "Thank you for all you do!" touched me deeply and I yet again am full of gratitude and feeling appreciative. 

And now I'm saying good bye to an "old friend" of sorts. A companion who has journeyed with me for so long I can't possibly remember when we first met. In different homes, shops and studio spaces, a reliable friend. So to my faithful, comfortable, well worn, work boots, I say thank you for supporting me through years of creative endeavour. Job well done. 

Sometimes it's the little things. Full of gratitude and appreciation am I.

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