What About Wheat?

I'm curious about health and nutrition. About balance in all aspects of life. I like eating food not chemicals and enjoy finding products with "real ingredients". I think what we eat should be made from ingredients we can read the names of, rather than numbers defining some sort of chemical. 

Recently I stumbled across a blog "Wheat Belly" by cardiologist Dr William Davis. Other than what is written on his blog, I don't know anything about Dr Davis or his research. 

Above is a short video featuring Dr Davis talking about wheat on CBS News. What do you think?


sharon said...

That was really interesting. I have thought about giving up wheat, but it's in so many products. And I love bread.

Sammy Nuttall said...

Hi Sharon, thanks for your comment. Interesting, isn't it? After a trip away last year I came back feeling fabulous and apart from having had a lovely break, I realised that I hadn't been eating bread or pasta. Over the past year or so, following my instincts, I've cut right down on both and now am almost wheat free. I love bread too, but I've realised I don't like the way I feel after eating it. I don't think I could have done it overnight though! Sxxx :)