Boy George and Kerrie Stanley

When I was growing up I love love loved this song by Culture Club. I seem to recall even following the fashion trends of Boy George for a while, particularly his hairstyles. A true individual.

Anyway, memories of Boy George and his flamboyance surfaced again this week as I became aware that the fabulously talented Australian Milliner, Kerrie Stanley had made a hat for Boy George for an event in Melbourne this week. It seems Kerrie in her youth was a fan too, and still is. If you follow Kerrie on fb or twitter, you'll have witnessed her excitement as she received tweets and photos from Boy George.

Sincere congratulations to you, Kerrie. Well done. I'm trilled that your created efforts have been acknowledged and celebrated.

If you'd like to see photos of Boy George wearing the hat, pop over to Kerrie Stanley Millinery on facebook. To learn more about this incredibly talented Australian, visit Kerrie's website, or if you're interested in hiring a hat, check out her new business, Designer Hat Hire. 

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