"Rainbow Beach Rockpool" by Sammy Nuttall

I recently read a study about "Earthing" and found it to be quite interesting. I don't know anything about this experiment or the person / people whose website it is on. I don't know any more than is written in the article.

I do know that sometimes in life we make things really complicated. I do know that getting back in touch with "the basics" can help you find balance, good health and harmony in your life. I do know that nature is inherently wise. I do know that if we take more responsibility for our lives and our well being, it pays off in all sorts of ways.

I'm interested in hearing what you think, but no matter whether you find the report to be meaningless or full of meaning, try popping a smile on your face and walking along the sand or wriggling your toes in some lush green grass.

Thanks to Dr Christine Northrup for sharing this information!

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