Photo Editing

People often ask me which photo editing programs I use, so I've decided share a little info with you here.

Programs on your computer:

Once upon a time this was it, buy or download a program and use it on your computer. As far as programs go, in general, I tend to use plain old "Microsoft Office Picture Manager" for resizing and compressing images, as I can alter lots at once. Very useful for resizing big batches of sporting or holiday photos at a time! When playing around with colour, saturation, contrast etc I use a very old free version of ArcSoft PhotoStudio. This is also the main tool I use for creating borders and collages. My version is soooo old and although I know there are lots of much better programs available, it still does the job I need it to do. 

Times have changed a lot since I began using the above programs, there's so much more great stuff out there, and lots of it free. So here are some things I play with from time to time that may be of interest to you.

Online Photo Editing

I know many people loved Picnik (an online photo editor) and were sad when it was gone. By now you probably have another favourite, but if not, stay tuned! PicMonkey, Pixlr and BeFunky are all online photo editors. They each have lots of different features and presets, but in general between these three you can edit a photo, create a collage, nip/tuck yourself (or someone else), add drawing to photos, add retro vintage effects, use craft scissors for borders and create frames. I like the look of the focussing options in PicMonkey, but haven't yet had enough time to really play with this yet.


So many apps, so little time to explore them all! For those of you looking for photo editing apps for your phone or tablet, I couldn't list all the ones I've used or tried, but I do love pixlr-o-matic, phototoaster and Be Funky.

If you're new to photo editing, just remember to always save your original image and play around with a copy, be prepared to make a mistake or two and most of all, have fun. Would love to know which are your programs / apps you use to edit photos?

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