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Many years ago I stumbled (?) across the work of Grant Connolly. For those of you familiar with EFT, it's a little like that process, however I find ZPoint much easier to use and I have consistently great results. Grant's process fits in nicely for me regarding my personal belief system about how our Universe works and aligns with those teachers whose ideas are of interest to me. Rather than me trying to describe ZPoint to you, here's a little bit of info directly from the ZPoint For Peace website

"Using ZPoint can quickly transform your life by completely releasing your attachment to difficult or painful feelings associated with traumatic memories, difficult relationships or life situations. By releasing these unconscious 'emotional triggers' you find it easier and easier to remain calm, peaceful and emotionally balanced regardless of what's happening around you. Most people report they begin to thrive in all parts of their lives within a very short time.

Whatever upsets you or causes concern is a feeling. You can release that feeling, no matter why you feel that way, quickly, gently and safely, allowing you to be calm in your heart when you think of whatever it was that upset you. Whatever it is, it ceases to be a worry or a concern. It stops consuming your life.

ZPoint does not require that you have or change any particular set of beliefs or religion or align with any particular spiritual practice. It works strictly on an emotional level using a special new technique to help you eliminate difficult, intense, or unwanted emotions quickly, easily, and gently. The best part is you can start to experience the benefits of this extraordinary process almost immediately and the effects are cumulative. Most people start feeling happier and more at peace right away."

Like to know more? Grant's website is

And here are links to some recordings - please ensure you listen to the "Quick Intro" first.

I have personally benefited from the ZPoint process and am very grateful for Grant and his work. If you do decide to give it a go, I'd love to hear what you think.

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