A Note To All Australian Politicians

"A Note To All Australian Politicians (regardless of political persuasion or level of Government). For my overall wellbeing I have decided not to listen to or read about you or your politics for the foreseeable future. I feel that the children in my life are full of more integrity, honesty, responsibility and wholeheartedness than all of you put together. Politicians, please start behaving like the "grown-ups / leaders" you are employed to be. Until then (when I wonder?) I will focus on remembering to appreciate and be grateful for all the wonderful people in my life and the beautiful part of this planet I call home."

An usual post for me, I know. No smiley art, no inspirational or creative smiley stuff, just some heart-felt words. I wrote this note to express how I was feeling this morning and shared it with my friends, some of whom suggested that it needed to be spread to a wider audience. Should you feel called to share these words, you are most welcome. Sxxx

Update: Since I wrote this post I've also become increasingly disillusioned by the tendency of the Australian Media, amazed by their attempt to create and manipulate the news, rather than report it. So above, where I have stated "Politicians", perhaps it should read "Politicians and Media".

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