A Word About Cameras...

When it comes to cameras and photography, I often hear people saying one of two things. Well truthfully, they often say both, one after the other. 

Firstly, they must need a new camera because the one they have doesn't seem to take good photos. I find this really interesting. Did they manage to ever take good photos with this camera and perhaps after a bump or knock, it doesn't seem to work as well? Or is the quality of photo pretty much the same as when they purchased the camera? Often people seem to think the better the camera, the better the photos. As if the best sewing machine makes the best garments or the most expensive scissors result in the best haircut. As a person who is not particularly skilled with a sewing machine, sometimes I wish!!! However I personally believe the operator has a lot to do with how any piece of equipment works. Rather than running off to spend money on a new piece of equipment, I prefer to learn how to use what I've got well first. And if my skill has outgrown my tools, then I may look at upgrading. But I've seen plenty of ordinary photos taken with expensive cameras and many fantastic shots taken with a cheap "point and shoot" or old mobile phone. If you like in Melbourne and are interested in learning more, I'm happy to let you know of someone that may suit your needs.

The second comment is about needing a camera with a massive amount of megapixels!  Again, the bigger the picture can be blown up to doesn't make it a better image.  In fact, you're more likely to see issues with the image the larger it is.  How often do you really need an image that will be printed wall size?  Even with a large amount of cropping of an image, most cameras now available on the market will have more than enough megapixels for most people to print an image to larger than their requirements.

Finally, the above image was a quick snap taken with a very old mobile phone whilst I was on an early morning walk.  I was trying to capture the colours in the sea and only took this one shot, and I really love it  It means a lot to me and looking at it takes me straight back to that moment.  Often that's more important than taking "the best shot".  Just follow this link to see a larger version.

p.s. rather than a new camera, I'm more likely to put some $$$ towards a new lens or perhaps a new class.

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