A blog I like :: "The Positive Experiment"

Whenever anyone starts following me on twitter, I usually take the time to check out their profile to see who they are and what they're all about. Today, I discovered "The Positive Experiment: Thinking Positively For 1 Year". How wonderful! I believe (as many of you would know), that Happiness is a choice we make. Every thought, every decision, every step we take is leading is towards or away from our highest good and greatest joy. We are either in growth or decay/decline, and each little choice contributes in it's own way. So in her own words, Elizabeth from "The Positive Experiment" states: "I’ve decided that I’ve wasted enough time and energy on negative thoughts, feeling scared, and being insecure. So I created “The Positive Experiment”: a blog chronicling my year long journey towards positive thinking". Go for it, Elizabeth, I'll enjoy journeying along with you!

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