One Balloon Each...

Imagine if we all had one balloon to help us float through life, each of us responsible for caring for our own balloon.

In this imaginary land we are not able to look after someone else's balloon for them, they have to do it themselves. Of course they can ask others for help and advice, but ultimately anything they do is their choice and they are responsible for the results of their choices. Things wouldn't work very well if people didn't look after their own balloon and clung onto someone else's, dragging both down.

Imagine if we all took responsibility for our own actions and own choices, and allowed others to take responsibility for theirs. What would happen if instead of blaming other people and expecting them to change, we looked at changing ourselves, our thoughts or our perspective?

Are the people in your life encouraging you to fly? Or trying to drag you down, whether knowingly or not? Are they taking responsibility for their balloon? Or busily worrying about everyone elses? Or do they struggle to understand that they have the power within them to fly as high as they feel they deserve?

What if we had One Balloon Each...?

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