Priorities, Perspective, Passion & Thank You...

Whilst watching / listening to media, particularly over the past week or so, the following thoughts continually came to mind and I felt the need to share. I am not interested in what Mick Malthouse does or does not do next year. I am not interested in the Kardashians (who are they anyway?). Although I care deeply about our planet and all creatures on it, I am not interested in continually reliving the events of September 11 every time I turn on the radio or TV It does not help me be a better person, rather I feel my vibration lower and I just want to switch off. It does not help me help anyone else.  Information overload serves little purpose as far as I can see?  Please don't think I don't care, I care deeply, and would rather find a way to contribute in a positive way to help or support others, rather than feeling totally overwhelmed.

So instead I'd like to celebrate the wonderful! These are comments about some of my friends and my community, in no particular order.
  • I am constantly amazing by the incredible work of friends involved in animal rescue. 
  • I watched in awe as a mother and daughter trained and attempted to swim the English Channel for charity. 
  • I am proud to witness our local Auskick group encourage and support young kids, both in learning AFL skills, but also life skills. I love watching all the family involvement, from coaching, assisting, coordinating, playing, cooking sausages to taking photographs and videos and creating incredible footy cards and an amazing end of year DVD. 
  • I commend those members of Moorabbin Lions Club that consistently give back so much to our community. 
  • I am proud to watch the efforts of a Dad raising much need funds not only for his daughter, but for all the kids with her condition. 
  • I watch as a Dad who, when his young daughter died, became a passionate campaigner for Organ Donation. 
  • I am proud to be part of a school community that realises that education is not just about test results. 
  • I am proud to be part of a community art group that understands that art is for everyone. 
  • I am proud to know many people that refuse to be victims to circumstances, instead, they find a way to make theri world, and in turn our world, a better place. 
  • I am blessed to know so many amazing, incredible, creative, inspiring, whole hearted, wonderful people.
Thank you, to each and every one of you. You help me be a better citizen of our planet. You raise me up.

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