Questionable Behaviour? Where Will Your Choices lead You?

I recently encountered a local real estate agent with questionable business practices and, although preaching high moral ground on his profile on the company website, standards below fair and reasonable. It makes me wonder. Is it the lure of quick commission? $$$ in the pocket with no ethical or moral judgement involved? Why do some people behave in a way less than reasonable? And what about conscience? At the end of each day, how do some people sleep at night?

So I ask you. What makes you behave the way you do? Conscience? Ethics? Education, Personal Beliefs? Fear? Insecurity? Ignorance? Wisdom? Or perhaps money? Regardless, I personally believe that it all works out in the wash. And that people who behave inappropriately will pay (learn) one way or another. So, Mr Agent, I wish you no ill, but just what you have due from The Universe. Blessings. 

p.s. If only your client knew...

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