Today I Am Grateful For... :: June 2011

A while ago I decided to attempt to record one thing each day that I feel grateful for. Big or small, it doesn't matter. It can be anything that comes to mind as I feel it's important to reflect a little each day on something that has made me feel good. Let's see what happens...

300611: Calm moments.

290611: Sharing.

280611: Grant Connolly and

270611: A heartfelt gift from a friend.

260611: Finishing a long overdue task.

250611: Finding another way to deal with a challenge.

240611: A new perspective.

230611: A helpful neighbour.

220611: Completed tasks.

210611: Wow! Theatre again! "DrZ"...amazing. Thanks to Mum and childminding friends :) 

200611: Creative folk.

190611: Giggling children.

180611: Digital Photography.

170611: Reflecting on a wonderful night seeing "LND" at the theatre with my Mum.

160611: Our beautiful Moon. How fortunate we are.

150611: A fresh perspective

140611: Time to varnish

130611: Good traffic flow

120611: Delicious Brekky!

110611: Revisiting childhood memories

100611: Cooperation

090611: A courteous motorist

080611: Smiley children

070611: Generous friends

060611: Soup

050411: Positive and constructive feedback

040611: Laughter!

030611: My dishwasher now it's better. I did miss you.

020611: A break in the traffic when I need it most.

010611: A helpful tradesman who turned up when he said he would.

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