Today I Am Grateful For... :: May 2011

A while ago I decided to attempt to record one thing each day that I feel grateful for. Big or small, it doesn't matter. It can be anything that comes to mind as I feel it's important to reflect a little each day on something that has made me feel good. Let's see what happens...

310511: A lovely surprise!

300511: Natural wisdom.

290511: Rest.

280511: Trust!

270511: Lessons well learnt.

260511: Being able to ask for help.

250511: Helpful health food store staff

240511: Inspired People

230511: The Amazing Race

220511: The Beach

210511: Compost Bins

200511: Charitable people.

190511: Caring friends.

180511: A woolly beanie.

170511: Being able to help.

160511: The Internet.

150511: Rest and relaxation.

140511: Fun with fantastic friends. And witnessing "The Bidding Dance".

130511: Eurovision Song Contest!

120511: Ingenious inventions

110511: My lovely umbrella.

100511: Information to empower.

090511: ZPoint for Peace and Grant Connelly.

080511: Brekky in bed.

070511: Plants.

060511: Divine Insight.

050511: A wonderfully honest lady named Emma.

040511: Pleasant and helpful shop assistants, and an unexpected guest.

030511: Heating.

020511: Babysteps.

010511: A big sleep in! Yay!

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