Grump Free Zone

Sharing as promised. Many years ago I encountered some neighbours of the "very grumpy type", so I attached a big laminated copy of this to our fence, and sent our neighbours kind thoughts every day. It certainly wasn't easy, but I was determined not to become grumpy like them, no matter what they did. I figured eventually they would either become nicer humans or move away, because I only have nice neighbours... They moved!!!

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James Veitch

I keep getting sent this video, and I can't tell you how many times I've seen it, yet every time it it sent to me I have to watch it again.  I'm wondering if indeed James Veitch is a distant relative of mine?

 NOTE :: Please be mindful that the first minute and a half is not really suitable for young people.

Winter Solstice Blessings

As we (in the Southern Hemisphere) are journeying through the shortest day and approaching the longest night, may we all remember that even in the darkest of times we indeed can turn on, or turn to, the light.
May You Be Blessed.

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Whinge, Whinge, Whine, Whine...

Today I heard people complaining about having to wait a few minutes to be served in a store. I spoke to some sales people who had been yelled at and abused because the store they work in no longer provides free plastic bags.
Seriously, are some people so spoilt / rude / grumpy / mean / stressed / disconnected or whatever that they forget the people they are yelling at are just doing their job? What’s with treating people so badly? Is their inconvenience so immense? We all get stressed sometimes, but taking it out on others won’t change the situation for the better, but may make it a whole lot worse.
I think a healthy dose of perspective may be called for, and perhaps it’s up to the rest of us to be a little kinder to balance things out a bit.

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Be The Change...

“Why don’t they do something about that?”
“Why don’t they sort that out?”
“Why do they let that happen?”
And I ask you, who are ‘they’ that you speak of?
It is when we realise that ‘they’ is ‘us’ we reclaim some power in our own lives. It is when we realise that making small changes in our own lives influences everything around us, and the ripples spread far and wide, that we feel empowered, rather than like a victim. A place from which “we happen to life”, rather than “life happens to us”...

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