Possum Balls

Many of you know that I like possums. There. I've said it again.  I know they munch on your garden.  I know they can be annoying.  But they are hungry, and they didn't chop down all the trees and build houses, we did.  They were here first and I feel strongly that humans need to work with nature, rather than against it. Given that we have destroyed much of their natural habitat, I feel that we owe these little creatures some support. There are areas of our garden that I'm happy for possums to roam and nibble, they run along our fences at night and keep our jasmine from growing to high. But I prefer that my little buddies don't much on my fruit trees or passionfruit, so I use natural, gentle deterrents to encourage them to dine elsewhere.

One of my strategies is home made possum balls. I collect old fruit bags, old stockings and dog hair, and spend a little time crocheting drawstrings. Once I have enough dog hair to make a decent size ball, (it doesn't take long around here), I fill part of a stocking with the hair and tie the end. The drawstring is threaded through the fruit bag to make a small pouch, the dog hair filled ball is placed inside the fruit bag. I hang these possum balls in my garden in the areas where I don't want the possums to munch. I don't know how well they work, but I shall keep trying natural strategies such as these and solar lights to discourage possums from some areas of our garden. I'll also keep allowing possums to dine elsewhere in our garden.

p.s. If you're interested in reading more of my possum posts, just search for possum in the search field.

Amazing Creatures!

Amazing creatures visited me in my garden this morning on their way to Parkdale Shops! Big thanks to Duck, Bee, Ladybird and two Angry Birds for calling in to say hello 😂

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Hello! Happy Weekend!

Hello! Happy Weekend! I’ve been asked how my art garden is going, so here’s a little update.
The Muriel (mural) hasn’t changed, I’m waiting for warmer days without distractions so I can lose myself out there. I have some bird / possum houses waiting to be installed, and it means I’ll have to dig quite a bit in and around the planters and it seems to be a bigger job than I first thought. It can get very windy in my art garden, so I’m awaiting some extra help with this next bit.
I haven’t wanted to plant trees and have to later disturb them, so I’ve thrown some seeds into the planters to bring some happy to my mornings and homes for bugs and beetles, just for now. There is so much joy in seeing things grow, particularly my young passionfruit that has pretty much been ignored until now. Each day I’m seeing majestic new flowers, and the promise of fruit to come.
Each of us are planting seeds all the time, whether in physical gardens, or with the thoughts we are thinking. If thoughts are seeds, what are you planting?
Sending Blessings Your Way 🌱🙏🏻💜
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