Unfamiliar Energies...

I've recently encountered some of these:

There are not many of these in my life and perhaps that is why when I'm exposed to them I'm not really to sure what to do?   They seem rather negative.  They tell nasty stories about people they don't even know. They appear to be very grumpy and I don't feel good being around them or hearing anything about them.

And so I wonder...  Perhaps they are just miserable?  Unhappy?  Misunderstood?  Maybe our energies are so different that we just aren't compatible?  Perhaps they need a healthy dose of perspective? Perhaps I need to practice more patience?  So what to do?


Instead of worrying too much about them, I send them quiet Blessings.  Positive Energy.  Love.  Whenever I think of them I send silent energy of Happiness and Wellbeing. Although they probably don't know it, they serve as great teachers, reminders of all that is wonderful in my life, of all the things I have to be grateful for.

I recall a few quotes that may just apply in this situation:

"I Raise My Vibration So That No-Thing Can Disturb My Peace Of Mind".

"I Wish Them A Long And Happy Life, Far Away From Me".

What do you do when "Grumps" cross your path?

I've just found this little video from the most enthusiastic Andy Dooley  talking about how to deal with negative people.  Check it out and let me know what you think?


sharon said...

Ooh I've been living with a few grumps lately (not me) fresh air and exercise is good. I like your thoughts - I'll remember them x

Sammy Nuttall said...

Somehow I missed your comment, Sharon? Apols! Yes, you're right, fresh air and exercise is good. And I always try to remember not to stoop to the level of a grump, no matter how tempting! Sxxx