Beetroot, Mushrooms & Salmon?

I recently purchased some yummy fresh beetroot from my friends at Home Made Produce and love eating it raw.  Today I enjoyed a really delicious lunch, so yummy in fact that I munched it all up before I thought about taking a photo of it!

Here are the ingredients:
Mushrooms (gently cooked)
Beetroot (raw, diced)
Spring Onion (chopped)
Smoked Salmon (chopped)
Greek Yoghurt

Often I'd throw chia seeds or some nuts into this mix as well.

If you're interested in farm fresh produce or perhaps bread and cheese or mushroom workshops, I encourage you to visit Home Made Produce at either their website, or follow them on facebook to see what these folk are up to.

* I've noticed that more and more of my friends are altering their diets, for a variety of reasons.  Many people freely share great recipes and as such, I've decided to log many of the ones I've tried here.  If you choose to use or share these recipes, I ask that you please always credit the original source. 

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