Kaypacha / Tom Lescher - from 061212

Here's the latest info from Kaypacha (Tom Lescher) of New Paradigm Astrology.  I gained soooo much from listening to these words that I've listened to this twice so far!

Published on 6 Dec 2012

"I have reasons, judgements and doubts,
For my stepping in and my stepping out.
But the more conscious I am the more I see,
That there are laws governing life that transcend what I believe."
So much to say in one little report! Didn't even get to that the Moon is on the wane now going through Libra and Scorpio this weekend. The focus remains on relationships with the idea that it is "karma clearing time!" It's not just letting go or holding on.... It's how you do it that makes or breaks it..... aloha..... Kaypacha

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