Clearing the OLD to Make Way for the NEW

I've written about Grant Connolly before, but yet again find myself sending a Heart Felt Thank You his way.  With a lot going on in my outer world, it's vitally important to find make the time to keep my inner world, my SELF, in balance,.  It seems that it is at times when we need it most we are less likely to find a way to make it happen, or to take the time to practice the skills we may have already learnt.

So this morning whilst attending to a number of home based tasks, I listened to one of Grant's most recent recordings, "Clearing the OLD to Make Way for the NEW".  It's kind of like a spring clean for the SELF, I think daily practice would reap enormous benefits and am committed to listening to his recordings more often as I feel so good afterwards.

If you've not heard of Grant Connolly or ZPoint For Peace before, I suggest you read my previous post or pop over to Grant's website and take a look around.  For those who are familiar with ZPoint, here's a link to the recording I've just listened to.

Listen to internet radio with Grant Connolly on Blog Talk Radio

May each of your days be filled with PEACE!

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