Where's Your Happy Place??? #welove3annies

The wonderful Fat Mum Slim is currently running a competition and you could win a most gorgeous 3 Annies bag!  All the details of the competition can be found here, but essentially you need to take a photo of your Happy Place and share it, tagging it #welove3annies  

Now that got me thinking.  How do I choose just one?  I have so many Happy Places!  An then it came to me. Duck Palace!  A sanctuary, a place of creativity, inspiration, healing and harmony.  Of friendship, laughter, generosity and lots of positive energy.  So many times a sad little face has entered this room and left wide-eyed with a grin from ear to ear.  For a few moments in our lives, magic is real and imaginations can run wild.  A place that many of you have contributed to, along with so many others on our planet.  Cool, huh?  
No matter whether I end up with a lovely 3 Annies bag or not, this competition has made me think about "My Happy Place" and how much joy it has brought to our world.  Thanks to Fat Mum Slim and 3 Annies for a bit of fun.  

Where's your Happy Place?

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