Thank You, or not?

I was feeling rather frustrated.  One of THOSE mornings.  It seems that no-one I encountered had any concept of basic manners of any sort.  I helped people with a few small tasks.  Not a thank you to be found.  I gave way to oncoming traffic in a busy side street more than once and not a wave, nod or acknowledgement of thanks.  A voice inside kept saying, "Do not lower your standards, just because others are not demonstrating any basic courtesies".  I allowed a lady to walk through a door before me and there was not a word or any form of acknowledgement, so I decided to thank myself.  In a just loud enough (but not too loud voice) I said "Thank You!" as she walked off.  I'm pretty sure she heard me.  Maybe she'll think twice?  In that moment I decided that if people don't offer me a thank you, I'll give myself one.  I don't want to stop behaving in respectful way on the roads or as I encounter others, so perhaps I just have to accept that some people have different values to mine.

And so the next day I headed off to the supermarket.  As I was looking for an item on a shelf, a man walked past and said "excuse me".  He walked along the aisle, picked up some groceries and walked back past, excusing himself again.  I smiled as he walked past, (shocked!) a basic courtesy...not once but twice!  In a matter of minutes!!!  I bumped into him in the next aisle and took the time to say how much I appreciate his manners.  We agreed that it's important to be kind and considerate, whether it is appreciated or not.

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