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This video made by Zaidee's Rainbow Foundation aims to increase awareness and share information about Organ Donation.  You may have previously seen my post and the video "Amelia's Story" or heard of  Zaidee's story another way.  Or perhaps you don't know Zaidee's story at all?

A few weeks after her 7th birthday, Zaidee Turner died suddenly from a Cerebral Aneurism, a burst blood vessel in her brain.  Of the 130,000 Australians that died in 2004, Zaidee was one of only 218 Organ Donors.  Kim and Allan Turner founded Zaidee's Rainbow Foundation to raise awareness of Organ Donation.  For more information about this wonderful foundation, please visit Zaidee's Rainbow Foundation.

You may wonder why I often share information about this foundation via Facebook, Twitter etc and in person?  You see, I knew one of the other 218 people that was an Organ Donor in 2004.  A close family member died of a Cerebral Aneurism just a few months before Zaidee died, so this is a cause very close to my heart and I am so personally grateful for the amazing work of the Turner Family and Zaidee's Rainbow Foundation.  And as I write this, I know someone on a transplant waiting list.

UPDATE:  In the three years since I first published ths post, dear little Amelia received her liver transplant but died not long after due to complications.  I wonder what would have happened if she'd received her transplant sooner?  The person I knew on the transplant waiting list died waiting.  And now, I know a little baby waiting for a kidney...I dearly hope and pray that he gets one soon.  Please consider Organ & Tissue Donation.  Talk to your loved ones.  Feel free to contact me privately if you have any questions about this important topic.

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