"Good Vibes!" vs "You Can Do A LOT Better" (aka Top and Bottom)

I'm a big believer in feedback.  I've found that in most day-to-day dealings, service tends to fall in to the middle 80% of things.  What you'd expect in ordinary dealings, in ordinary circumstances on an ordinary day. But when service is extra good / great or really terrible, I usually write and let people know.  I see no point in grizzling to myself about service as nothing will change.  A letter may just make a difference and at least I feel I'm doing something.  And you'll never know the pleasure a letter of thanks may bring.

With that in mind, I've decided to list a few instances of people / businesses that have provided great service and perhaps a few that fall well short.  This is based on my personal experiences only and I hope to be able to add lots of "Yay, well done" entries as time goes on, as I truly believe that good service will far out way the not-so-good / terrible experiences. 

I encourage those in the GOOD VIBES section to pat yourselves on the back and keep going!  You are appreciated!!!  And those mentioned in the "You Can Do A LOT Better..."?  If you care about how your service (or lack thereof) affects your customers, perhaps you'll make an effort to lift your game.


Australian Working Dog Rescue
This non profit organisation rescues working dog breeds from being euthanased in council pounds and shelters and find new homes for them. This hard working dedicated team of volunteers are a source of inspiration to me and I applaud them.

Workout Workshop
Great customer service, great advice, very happy and helpful staff. A friend recommended these people and I am so pleased she did. They even rang her after I'd been there to say thank you to her for referring me to them and have since rung to see if I'm happy with everything.

Nic Pitman of Frame Harbour
42 Balcombe Road, Mentone Vic 3194.  Phone 9583 8013
Happy to recommend as I have done often! Fabulous service, great advice, top quality work every time.

Shangri-la Hotels and Resorts

Now I don't know whether or not they're all fantastic, but I have been fortunate to stay in two different Shangri-la establishments, and have found the service to be of the highest level I have ever experienced. The staff looked happy, were courteous, efficient, friendly, helpful, etc etc and I always felt like an appreciated guest. The cost of room services meals, very reasonable and of a high standard. Need I say more? This group of hotels will the first I will consider when travelling, depending of course on price considerations. 

Rolf Harris (yep, that one)!
A young Melbourne boy carefully made a card, wrote a note and sent it to Rolf Harris in London.  A few weeks later an envelope arrived containing not only a personalised photo, but also a thoughtful handwritten letter and drawing from the man himself.  Rolf, you have not only inspired a young child but also all the grown ups who have loved reading and been touched by your heartfelt words of encouragement.

You Can Do A LOT Better...

Hodges Mentone
I am very unimpressed with dealings we have had with a number of people at this real estate agent. Extremely unprofessional or totally incompetent, not sure which. We have put issues in writing to all directors of this office and have yet to receive any response.

*OCTOBER UPDATE:  Have heard more independent unfortunate stories about problems with Hodges Mentone over the past month or so.  Word is that one man is so upset that he is considering contacting "Today Tonight" or "A Current Affair" to see if they can get an answer to the complaint he made to Hodges Mentone.

Marina Mandarin Singapore
Not sure where to start, so I'll just note down a few points. Trouble with booking, website not entirely clear on some amenities (as we discovered upon arrival), most staff looked unhappy, not good value for money, room service/restaurants etc very expensive (don't know about quality, we decided not to eat in the hotel), lifts terribly slow, problems not handled well, difficulties checking in, rooms ok but shower is really small...etc etc. And "don't wear flip-flops or running gear the hotel as they have a standard to maintain". Based on my experiences, I'd prefer never to stay here again, (or indeed, at any Meritus Hotel) as I felt more like an inconvenience rather than a guest. Overall it's a good, clean hotel but probably better suited to a large number of people staying as a group for a conference or for a business traveller rather than a stopover or holiday hotel. Having said all that, this hotel is in a great location.

p.s. As this is essentially a blog with mainly positive posts, I thought a great deal about whether or not to publish the names of the companies listed in "You Can Do A LOT Better".  I wish these companies no ill, but finally decided that if one person was spared the issues / experiences we had then it would be worth it.

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