Slava's Snowshow

Many years ago I experienced the Cirque Du Soleil show, Alegria.  Although I enjoyed the entire show, the standout for me was Asisyai, a yellow clothed clown with fluffy red slippers.  And I'm a sucker for fluffy slippers.  Asisyai is the creation of Russian born Slava Polunin   

Some years later I heard that Slava's Snowshow was coming to town.  I was excited!  Imagining the wonder of an entire show featuring my favourite clown in the whole wide world, I decided to gather a group of friends and family to experience it with me.  I explained very little about Slava or Asisyai to anyone, but suggested they should just trust me and come along.  I must have sounded passionate as before long a group of us had tickets, and other than me, they didn't really know what for!

I am grateful for those who had trusted me and afterwards they were all grateful that they had too.  We had a wonderful evening and played for an hour after the show, watched by a little Russian man (with a smile on his face), quietly sitting on the side of the stage.

You can learn more about Slava here:

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