One Decision: Andy Dooley

I have often been told that I see our world a little differently.  Through a filter of sorts.  A different perspective.  I'm not sure how to describe how I see things differently from you, because that really depends on where YOU sit, and how YOU view our world.  YOU get to choose how you see things.

As you probably know, the more time we spend time enjoying uplifting energy and good vibes the better, I say!  And today I'd like to introduce you to someone who I feel has an uplifting, "good vibes" kind of view of our world, Andy Dooley. I've never met Andy Dooley, but he makes me laugh.  He describes himself as "the world's first and only Vibration Activation© coach. He is a law of attraction expert, spiritual comedian and artist."  And really, Andy's art and videos speak for themselves and say more about him than I ever could.  He has his own YouTube channel, website and often sends out smiley art if you sign up to his mailing list.  And if you know me, you know I LOVE Smiley Art!  In the following video, Andy talks(?!!!) in his own unique style about how one decision can change your life.

What decision will you make today?
Sending Good Vibes and Blessings to you, and you, and YOU!

p.s. Here is a quote of Andy's that I really appreciate
"After years of meditation I finally found myself. Sitting in the same spot!"- Andy Dooley

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