Today I Am Grateful For... (March 2011)

A while ago I decided to attempt to record one thing each day that I feel grateful for.  Big or small, it doesn't matter.  It can be anything that comes to mind as I feel it's important to reflect a little each day on something that has made me feel good.  Let's see what happens...

310311:  Reliable and thoughtful family members.
300311:  Releasing old hurts, like layers of an onion.
290311:  Teaching new things and learning new things.
280311:  Cooperation. (AKA Adults behaving like Adults!!!)
270311:  Fun and laugher.
260311:  Giggling with children.
250311:  The Music Of Andrew Lloyd Webber.
240311:  Technology.
230311:  Being able to assist in raising money for a very worthy cause.
220311:  Spending time learning with little people.
210311:  Unexpectedly bumping into a friend's smiling face in the local supermarket.
200311:  Seeing some friends smile big smiles as a long term project of theirs nears completion.
190311:  Spending fun, fabulous, fundraising time with family and friends.
180311:  Enjoying time with creative types.
170311:  Being able to help a friend in need.
160311:  Today I feel very appreciative for the wonderful healers and teachers I have encountered this lifetime.
150311:  Today I feel grateful for fabulous Customer Service.
140311:  Today I feel ever grateful for my Mum and Dad playing music in our home when I was a child.
130311:  Today I found out that the heritage-listed Kirwans Bridge near Nagambie is set to reopen within weeks after the Strathbogie Shire voted to carry out structural works expected to cost just $50,000.  I think Kirwans Bridge is wonderful and I'm glad that it's being taken care of.

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