Today I Am Grateful For... (April 2011)

A while ago I decided to attempt to record one thing each day that I feel grateful for.  Big or small, it doesn't matter.  It can be anything that comes to mind as I feel it's important to reflect a little each day on something that has made me feel good.  Let's see what happens...

300411:  Enjoyed dinner with a very special group of people that have shared decades together.
290411:  Being able to watch something that's seemed to lift the vibration of our planet, The Royal Wedding.
280411:  Watching children learning circus skills. Fabulous!
270411:  Whoever taught me to make yummy quiches.  Yum, Yum, Yum!!!
260411:  New friends.
250411:  PJ Days...
240411:  Living in a peaceful part of our planet.
230411:  Leftovers.
220411:  An unexpected dinner with friends, courtesy of a flat tyre.
210411:  Seeing children smile whilst practicing circus skills.
200411:  Chocolate...
190411:  Technology!
180411:  Feeling brave enough to speak up honestly.
170411:  Safe travels.
160411:  Good wine with good friends.
150411:  Good customer service.
140411:  Good health.
130411:  Returning to Eumundi with an old friend.
120411:  Exploring the Everglades.
110411:  Bumping into an old friend.
100411:  Fresh croissants!
090411:  Drawing.
080411:  My car. 
070411:  People speaking their truth, no matter what.
060411:  Reunion.
050411:  Bumping into an old friend.
040411:  Collaboration.
030411:  Rest and relaxation.
020411:  Xanadu!  Dreams Do Come True.
010411:  Selfless volunteers. 

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