"Nuestro Pueblo" aka "Watts Towers"

"I build the tower people like, everybody come." 

 I recently tripped over the art of Sam Rodia (born Sabato Rodia, but also known as Simon Rodia, Don Simon, Simon Rodilla and Sam Rodia), in particular his amazing creation, "Nuestro Pueblo", aka "Watts Towers".
The Watts Towers are an incredible construction of seventeen major sculptures made from steel, mortar, ceramic, shells, tiles. They are the work of this one man.  

"If a man who has not labeled himself an artist happens to produce a work of art, he is likely to cause a lot of confusion and inconvenience." (Calvin Trillin in the New Yorker in 1965).

There's a lot of information and many wonderful photos on the web, it's worth reading all about this creative man and his vision. The photos linked in this post and quotes are from: http://www.wattstowers.us/

Each time I look at images of  these towers, my belief in magic, following your dreams and the power of the vision of one person is reinforced.

These marvellous towers are located in Los Angeles California, USA.
p.s. every time I've tried to post this, the formatting has gone haywire.  Perhaps Sam Rodia wants this communicated his way...

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