Aerobin: aka My Magic Bin!

I really am grateful for my Aerobin.  There's not a lot of space in our garden for a big messy compost bin, so I was pleased to find there was a type of compost bin that didn't need me to do lots of work and didn't make a big mess.  Not that I mind messy, but stinky messy is a bit different to paint messy!

Anyway, with money from Christmas and Birthday saved up I invested in my Aerobin.  I say invested as they're not cheap, but the way I figured it, over 10 years or so, I should well and truly get my money's worth and my garden would be all the better for it.  Before long my Aerobin was renamed my Magic Bin.  I through all sorts of stuff in the top and after a few months I'd remove wonderful rich compost out of the bottom and throw it on my garden.  My lemon tree had never looked better and I was soon sharing my garden riches (bags of lemons) with friends and family.  Magic Bin and I had a great relationship for almost 4 years and then things turned a little pear shaped.  Although I'd throw stuff in the top the same as ever, the composted process slowed down somewhat...  After a few months I decided to investigate.  Now I'm sure I don't really need to describe what moving hundreds of litres of half broken down compost is like.  Although an unusual experience I'll admit to finding it quite therapeutic!  Once empty I found that there was a small crack in the centre of the bin.  This made me feel a little sad, but not as sad as when I realised that my warranty had expired a year earlier.

Regardless, I decided to provide some feedback to the company I'd purchased it from.  I took a few photos and wrote an email describing my experiences and let them know the purchase date.  I'm a BIG believer in providing feedback, both good and bad, to companies of all sorts.  How can they learn or change if they're not aware?

Within a short amount of time I received a message from the company asking for further purchase details and as it looked like a manufacturing issue, they arranged to forward replacement parts to me asap.  The customer service was excellent and after a few days, a dismantle, a rebuild and refill (eeewwww!!!) my relationship with my Magic Bin is now happily back to normal. 

Thank you Aerobin for your fantastic customer service and for your fab product!    

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