A Week With Wings...(it's flown!)

About this time last week I was nervously awaiting the auction of my two little paintings at the BNPS Art Exhibition.  Selling your art is one thing.  Having it auctioned is something else all together.  I felt quite anxious, mainly as I wanted the art that I had donated to generate lots of money for the expansion of the Art facilities at the school...and the time seemed to go soooooo sloooowwwwwly.......
When the time came I'll admit, I nervously scampered into the other room and left my trusty friend (and fellow artist) to listen on my behalf, as I would do for her shortly after.  The news was good!  A few bidders pushed the price to a reasonable level and the person who purchased the first painting asked if they could buy the second as well, for the same price again.  Voila!  Both paintings happily together :)

Thank you to the winner bidder, I do hope my fishy friends bring you many smiles!  Soon after, my friend scampered further than I, away from her beautiful painting.  It sold for a good price too, and her mind, heart and stomach could now be at ease. 
 I have heard that one of the most famous artists represented on the night NEVER attends auctions of his creations as he is too nervous.  I wonder if I would be so worried if my paintings sold for tens of thousands of dollars?  What is it with artists? 


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