2010 - January - Happy New Year To You!

Greetings All!  Well where to start?  Firstly, HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU!  May your most wonderful dreams fill your days and new adventures bring unexpected joy!  Sending you Happy, Joy, Love, Fun, Dreams, Calm and Peace...
Now, how about a brief overview of everything creative in my world and you can take your pick?  I love Christmas and find it such a creative time of year, from decorating the tree to wrapping gifts and sending cards, it seems a time for less painting and drawing and keeping busy with the above and catching up with loved ones.  I managed a few days away recently and dabbled with some new sketches, including the one above.  The others are not quite ready for sharing with you....but stay tuned!  I've also been playing a lot with photography over the past few weeks and hope to share some images with you soon(ish).           Due in part to the hot Melbourne weather, The Nutters are still enjoying a well earned break.  However, as always, Sammy A Nutter is still trekking around our planet, championing the cause of AuCaDo.  I'm so proud of him!  The best way to keep track of Sammy is to follow him on facebook.  Whilst you're there, why not consider following Sammy Nuttall Art there too?           That's it for now, my plans of tidying the studio have been shoved to the side until the temperature is quite a bit milder, so paperwork it is (?), unless of course I can get distracted elsewhere!  I'm sure I can.  Sending special blessings to those of you reading this from the lands where snow is thick on the ground and beer is coldest.  Sxxx

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