2009 - November...

Quack Quack!  For those playing at home, you should know what that means...yep, more ducks in the Palace.   A couple were lovely gifts from unexpected sources, which is always a joy.  Thank you!  And the cute Duck Ear Buds were a treat that I gave myself...how could I leave them behind?  If you visit Smiley Photos, you'll find new additions there too.  

Have been busy preparing for the KAN Joy Of Creativity Festival, presented an evening about the KAN Website and Blog to members, received some extra special feedback and have even managed to play with feathers, glitter and superglue in the Studio.  Probably best you don't ask! 

My blog is still chugging along http://sammynuttall.blogspot.com/ (oh, that's right, you're already here :o) and it has something extra that you won't find on my website...a little video just to brighten your day.  Would love to hear what you think?  I also have a brand new Fan Page on facebook.  To find me there, just search for "Sammy Nuttall Art" or follow the widget at the bottom right hand side of my blog.  Just a few different ways to share what I love doing so much!

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