Gabby Bernstein - Allowing others to "find their bottom"

Have you crossed paths with Gabby Bernstein?  She's a motivational speaker, life coach, author and
Spirit Junkie.  You can learn more about Gabby here.

I really love this message and video that Gabby shared.  We are conditioned to love, support and nurture, yet when we love others deeply sometimes the best thing to do is to allow them to "find their bottom".  To allow them to find their turning point, to experience that which they need to, even if it is painful to witness.  Hopefully, if you or anyone you know need to "find their bottom" the process occurs with grace, with gentleness and with guidance.

Colouring Book - Borders

Many of you will have seen my facebook post about "My Colouring Book Journey".  If not, you can read a copy of it here.

As well as extra drawings, the finished product is a little different to my test versions, the final book has white space around each drawing.  This allows for a bit more creativity, as prior to colouring in, you can choose to draw in a plain thin line border, a decorative border, continue the drawings and doodles to the edge of the page, or perhaps a combination of both.  It's up to you!  Everyone is different and I encourage each of you to explore you're own creative path.  Some of the 'Colouring Angels' that assisted me with feedback mentioned that they found this amount of freedom a little challenging, but remember, there are no rules, other than to enjoy yourself.  This is your journey.

For the outlines, borders, doodles and additional words etc, I've been using fine line pens and pencils, but again, it's up to you.  The drawings in my test book have been coloured using Faber-Castell Connector Pens (my personal favourite), and different types of textas, gel pens and pencils.  The only reason I've avoided pastels and crayons so far is that most of the images are quite detailed, though I may try a combination piece.  I'll be posting some images of finished art for you later...

p.s. as always, I love your feedback.  You're welcome to comment here or pop over to my facebook page for more.

My Colouring Book Journey

"As some of you know when I was a little girl I dreamt of creating my own colouring book. I started one seriously about 3 years ago but couldn't seem to finish it. Somehow it kept going down and further down my list of priorities. With all the colouring books around over the last year I nearly gave up, but after seeing Bruce Lipton speak earlier this year, I decided to finish it, just for me. Just so I'd done it. It's important to follow our dreams, and I encourage others to, yet I wasn't following one of my own.
A little while ago I produced and printed two drafts, then sent some to others for review and feedback. I'll admit, it was a big, big step for me. Based upon feedback and gut instinct I changed some bits and pieces, and soon a limited quantity of my finished book will be available for sale. smile emoticon
Thanks to everyone who has supported my creativity over my lifetime, you are appreciated. Thanks to my group of Colouring Angels who have been providing me with honest feedback. Thanks to Cassandra for sending me this art today. Mostly, I encourage you all to follow your dreams and to believe in yourselves as much as I believe in you"

*first posted on my fb page 061115

Pizza Please

Since I stopped eating wheat pizza is one of the things I've missed most is pizza.  Some places now make gluten free pizza, and I know I can make my own GF dough at home, but if I'm in a rush, this is my favourite 'go to' emergency pizza base.  Yummo!

Perhaps You'll Never Know...

Perhaps you'll never know
...the impact you've made
...the smile your kindness generated
...the gratitude your gesture brought
...the relief that another felt
all because of that little moment, where you chose to make a bit of an effort.

But perhaps, you may know.  You may find out.  A while a go I needed to forward mail to someone I have never met.  As the envelope that arrived at our home was damaged, I addressed a new envelope, popped the mail inside and also enclosed a little note with it.  On the front of the note was one of my little drawings, a smiley sun.  That was quite some months ago, and to be honest, I'd forgotten all about it, until today, when this lady had reason to call me.  We chatted a little, then she mentioned that the little drawing had meant a lot to her.  It had arrived on at day when she was full of doubt.  Questioning.  Wondering if she'd been making the right decisions.  My sunny yellow note arrived in her mail box and perhaps was a sign that all would be OK.

As I've said before, and will again, often the little things are the big things.

A simple way to make a big difference...

Have you ever thought about Organ & Tissue Donation?  Have you ever discussed it with your family?  Perhaps now is the time...

For those of you that would like to learn more about Organ & Tissue Donation, here's a post I shared some time ago.  It's a really good place to start.

Anyway, my reason for bringing this up now is that Allan Turner, Zaidee's Dad has created a petition
regarding an opt-out organ and tissue registration system, you can access it here.  I've signed it and I encourage you to read the information and if interested, sign it too.  Every little bit helps.

Is nasty necessary?

I've noticed some nasty.  Sometimes when people try to make a point with someone they disagree with, instead of using reasonable arguments they just resort to nasty.  There is passion.  Polarity.  Almost like enemies in different camps who could not believe for a minute that "the others" may also have a point.  Before you read on, please consider that there are in fact two sides to every story.

Now my following is an example only, but there are two places in particular where I've noticed nasty quite a bit and I'm sure you have an opinion.  I don't want to argue right or wrong, but just point out some considerations.

The V Word...

I know people in both camps and many in the middle.  Everywhere from "If we're not all vaccinated we're all going to die" to "I really don't like anything artificial in my body" and everywhere in between.  This is not a post about whether you should or you shouldn't vaccinate.  That's not for me to say.  But there are many, many issues worthy of consideration.

A few years ago I caught a serious disease (which I had been vaccinated against as a child).  The doctor believes I caught this disease from a vaccinated person (a family member) who perhaps had little immunity left, or perhaps their vaccination had not resulted in any immunity in their system.    It made me think a lot about this issue.

One thing I ask.  Instead of viewing "the others" as the enemy as slinging nasty comments at them, go and read studies on both sides.  Talk to people calmly.  Ask questions.  Open your mind to different possibilities,  Different perspectives.  Do lots of research.  Don't blindly follow fear that is being so readily propagated.  And discuss (or argue if you must) with facts, rather than barbs.  As soon as "nasty" comes into it, the other side shuts down.  No one listens.  No one learns.  Nothing is gained.  Much is lost.

*** If you are interested in some further information to get you started, I highly recommend beginning here.  Thank you, Ura P Auckland, for putting into words what so many of us feel.

A few other areas where I've witnessed nasty...

In a way not dissimilar to "The V Word...", I also know lots of people with varied opinions about the Paleo style of eating and similar.  The personal attacks towards those who share information about there personal preference astounds me.  As we are often taught, if you can't say anything nice perhaps you shouldn't say anything at all.  Not to say that you can't have your say, but perhaps think before you speak / type, play nice and try to consider that there are two sides to every discussion.

Whether you believe in capital punishment or not, people are people.  They are sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, perhaps parents.  When you argue for or against, or comment on people facing death in this manner, try to remember for a fleeting moment that everyone makes mistakes and perhaps they or their loved ones deserve a moment of compassion, rather than nasty.

Please don't get me started on the way people discuss refugees.